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Globally, there is an unmet need to capture and store grid electricity for later use at points of generation as well as all nodes of the distribution chain. Electrovaya offers battery solutions for:

  • Centralized Storage Needs at Generation Sites, particularly for Renewables:

In many regions, the addition of renewables and urban electricity loads has created wide daily price variations with overnight and “offpeak” electricity prices that are less expensive than in high demand periods. When the electricity price differential is sufficiently large, it is expected to create the need for technology solutions that allow consumers to capture off-peak, low-price electricity and store it for peak demand periods. This is expected to be a fast-growth, emerging market.

  • Distributed Storage Needs at Multiple Sites for Uninterrupted Power Supply and Improved Power Quality:

As more renewable energy generation technologies such as solar and wind are implemented, they add a greater amount of intermittent and variable load to the electric grid capacity. To-date various storage battery technologies and kinetic storage techniques, such as pumped hydro and compressed air energy storage have been investigated. Advanced batteries offer an alternative solution with low set-up costs, minimal operating costs and minimized physical and environmental footprint