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Electrovaya is distinguished with an exceptional team of engineers, scientists, sales and support individuals. Management of this high-tech company requires vision, flexibility and the ability to create and capture new business opportunities.

Sankar Das Gupta Sankar Das Gupta, Ph.D, DIC
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

A co-founder of the company and its predecessor, Dr. Das Gupta became chairman of the board of directors in April 1999. He has extensive experience in the field of electrochemistry and extensive business experience in the technology sector from The Electrofuel Manufacturing Company Ltd. and HSA Reactors Limited.

These companies developed unique fibres and advanced ceramic materials, and designed and constructed complex instrumentation and equipment. Dr. Das Gupta holds a PhD in Electrochemistry from Imperial College, University of London and is occasionally an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto.

James K. Jacobs James K. Jacobs, PhD
Co- Founder

Dr. Jacobs' innovations have been instrumental in the development of Electrovaya's SuperPolymer technology. He co-founded the company with Sankar DasGupta in 1996 and was an instrumental part of its IPO in 2000. He served as CTO of the company until 2003. Dr. Jacobs received a BA from Oberlin College, Ohio and completed both his MA and PhD in solid-state physics at the University of Toronto.