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Note: We maintain Electrovaya press releases and news on this site for archival purpose. Our press releases are believed accurate as of the date they are issued; however, they may become outdated over time, and should not be relied on as correct after their issue date.

2015-05-04 - National Post- Riding Tesla’s coattails: This tiny Ontario battery maker just bought the biggest ‘gigafactory’ in Europe...[more]
2014-03-27 - Six Canadian companies shaping the future of clean energy...[more]
2013-09-25 - »Grüne« Lithium-Polymer-Akkus (Battery technology:"Green" lithium polymer batteries)...[more]
2013-05-23 - Electrovaya new Lithium Ion SuperPolymer® 2.0 for Electric Cable Ferry...[more]
2013-05-10 - Electrovaya shipped to Dongfeng Motors...[more]
2013-04-19 - Electrovaya to Provide Large Lithium Ion Battery System for Electric Ferry in Norway ...[more]
2013-04-18 - World's First All-Electric Car Ferry Powered by Electrovaya's Lithium Ion Superpolymer(R)2.0 Battery ...[more]
2013-04-18 - Electrovaya super-battery to power world’s first all-electric ferry...[more]
2013-04-18 - Electrovaya's new li-ion batteries are safer, less prone to fire risk ...[more]
2013-01-16 - Electrovaya order is a validation of Ontario green initiatives-Dalton Mcguinty...[more]
2012-11-27 - Leading publicly-traded cleantech companies...[more]
2012-06-25 - Battery innovator seeks new path to power...[more]
2012-06-24 - Energizing innovation in the battery market...[more]
2012-02-29 - Can Battery Storage And Solar Work Together? Arizona's Largest Utility To Find Out ...[more]
2012-02-23 - Electrovaya Delivers 1.5 MWH Lithium Ion Battery-Based Energy Storage System to Arizona Public Service Company ...[more]
2010-09-04 - Electrovaya Hopes Battery Deal With Chrysler Will Open Doors ...[more]
2010-24-03 - Battery maker confident in Chrysler...[more]
2010-23-03 - Battery maker wins Chrysler deal...[more]
2009-08-04 - Battery Manufacturer Gets Boost From Ontario ...[more]

2009-06-24 - Maryland Science Center has electric cars for rent ...[more]
2009-06-24 - The little car that could boosted by Exxon film ...[more]
2009-06-24 - ExxonMobil Takes Auto Industry by Storm With Launch of Fully Electric Maya 300 ...[more]
2009-06-24 - Oil Company to promote green cars ...[more]
2009-06-24 - Drivers can test Exxon electric vehicle technology ...[more]
2009-06-24 - Baltimore Drivers to Test 'Near-Enough Perfect' Electric Fleet ...[more]
2009-06-24 - Maryland Science Center brings electric car rentals to Baltimore ...[more]
2009-06-24 - Electrovaya Debuts Low-Speed EV Maya-300 in Baltimore ...[more]
2009-06-24 - Exxon funds all-electric car fleet ...[more]
2009-06-23 - All-electric car-sharing debuts in Baltimore ...[more]
2009-06-23 - Electricity fuels this car-share program ...[more]
2009-06-23 - Exxon, Electrovaya Roll Out Electric Car Sharing…Slowly, ...[more]
2009-06-23 - ExxonMobil and Electrovaya Launch Electric Car Sharing Program in Baltimore ...[more]
2009-06-24 - Cruise the City in the Maya 300 but Don’t Leave Town ...[more]
2009-06-24 - Going Electric: Nissan, Exxon, the Feds and Tesla Enjoy a Big Day for Electric Cars ...[more]
2009-06-24 - Exxon's electric car trip to Baltimore ...[more]
2009-06-24 - ExxonMobil Unveils Electric Car ...[more]
2009-06-15 - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (“CBC”), “National” TV Program, Showcases Electrovaya’s Batteries and Electric Cars ...[more]

2009-02-13 - The Maya-300, a zero-emission, low-speed electric vehicle is one of the "greenest" vehicles at the show ...[more]
2008-06-12 - After Hours - BNN speaks with Sankar Das Gupta ...[more]
2008-04-22 - Electrovaya Presents at Capitol Hill Briefing...[more]
2008-04-17 - Globe Auto - Canadian battery maker looking to electric cars ...[more]
2008-04-12 - Maya 300 cover story, The Lamp- An ExxonMobil publication ...[more]
2008-03-11 - Maya 300 Featured in The Wall Street Journal ...[more]
2008-01-23 - ExxonMobil Chemical’s battery separator film technologies help put electric vehicles on the road ...[more]