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December 2005-12-19 - Electrovaya Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2005 Financial Results
October 2005-10-25 - Miljøbil’s Zero Emission Electric Vehicle, powered by Electrovaya, launched in Norway 2005-10-06 - Electrovaya ranked as the seventh fastest growing technology company in Canada
September 2005-09-13 - Electrovaya joins “Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Development Consortium”
August 2005-08-15 - Electrovaya Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2005 Financial Results
July 2005-07-12 - Electrovaya-led consortium receives $1.7M (CDN) support from Sustainable Development Technology Canada 2005-07-05 - Electrovaya launches Scribbler® SC 3000 Tablet PC. Ultimate Mobility, SuperPolymer® Lithium-ion 75 Wh Battery, and Latest Intel Chipset
June 2005-06-14 - Electrovaya receives Frost and Sullivan’s Technology of the Year Award 2005-06-06 - Electrovaya begins shipment of the PowerPad 300-Phosphate Series, 24 hour run time for Mobile Computers
May 2005-05-18 - Electrovaya and Miljøbil Grenland announce partnership on Zero-Emission Transportation 2005-05-12 - NASA awards Electrovaya another contract to supply rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery System for use in the International Space Station 2005-05-05 - Electrovaya Announces Second Quarter Fiscal 2005 Financial Results 2004-05-06 - Recorded web cast of Click here for the Recorded Webcast held at 9:00 A.M. ET on May 6, 2005
April 2005-03-14 - Electrovaya Inc. reduces size of Board of Directors... [more]
February 2005-02-15 - Electrovaya Launches Scribbler™ SC2200 with superior computing capabilities 2005-02-14 - Electrovaya Announces First Quarter Fiscal 2005 Financial Results 2004-02-17 - Recorded web cast of Click here for the Recorded Webcast held at 4:00 p.m. ET